Ghost Doctors NYC Ghost Tours


These are not your typical run-of-the-mill “little storytelling” ghost tours. This is the real deal! Actual ghost hunts with equipment and all through the microcosm known as New York.

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Ghost Hunting Tours in Grand Central Terminal

Ghost Hunts At Grand Central Terminal Are Never Crowded And Are Very Interactive!

Indoors and cool!

The passengers that have traveled these magnificent halls and tracks came from all walks of life and ventured to every corner of this land. But are the ghosts of these very same passengers still being drawn to this mecca of transportation? Join us on an actual NYC ghost tour and paranormal investigation while discovering hidden historic secrets of this terminal called Grand Central.

Learn the fundamentals of true ghost hunting and the use of authentic gear the Ghost Doctors

employ on their quest to unearth the spirits of Grand Central Terminal on these amazing NYC ghost tours



​Learn the use of real ghost hunting equipment including:
EMF Ghost Meters

Thermal Imaging Cameras
Infrared Temperature Detectors
Dowsing Rods
Seek Out Electronic Voice Phenomena
Even Learn How To Turn Your Own Digital Camera Into a Ghost Detector


At the end of your adventure, walk away with the knowledge of what it is to be a real ghost hunter

and come home with a true appreciation of one of the greatest train terminals in the world.


Ghost Doctors Inside GCT

Tours will last approximately an hour and 45 mins to two hours. Book your tour early as they fill up quickly.

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Ghost Hunting Tours In Grand Central Terminal

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In Grand Central Terminal

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Check Out Ghost Doctors Ghost Hunting In GCT With The PerfectPrime IR0005 Thermal Imaging Camera

Ghost hunting tours in the old world’s fair grounds
Flushing meadows park nyc

Ghost Hunting in Queens NYC

 Come join the Ghost Doctors on an amazing adventure through time as we seek out the spirits of one New York’s most famous landmarks.

This historical park has evolved from a eerie salt marsh first discovered by the ancient native Americans who inhabited these lands, to what F. Scott Fitzgerald called the Valley of Ashes. Evolving further into the 1939 World’s Fair, to the former site of the United Nations and again into the 1964 World’s Fair. 

And now it still retains many of its past remnants and possibly those spirits who just never felt like leaving.


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Ghost Hunting Tours of Central Park NYC

Ghost Hunts IN Central Park Are Never Crowded And Are Very Interactive!​

Ghost Hunting In The World’s Most Iconic Park

Ghost Hunting Central Park


Central Park one of the world’s greatest parks is also the hunting grounds for the Ghost Doctors.  Since the park opened in 1859 Central Park has received an average of 25 million visitors a year. It is without a doubt the very heart and soul of New York City. But are these very same souls that enjoyed the splendor of the park for over 150 years sill returning to frolic in its green lawns? Join the Ghost Doctors on a “Real” Ghost hunt through Central Park. Explore the mysteries of Central Park’s and it’s amazing landmarks for ghostly spirits.