As seen on network and cable television from coast to coast…The Ghost Doctors

NYC’s own “Ghost Doctors”  have ventured to our nation’s capital and have found something strange going on in the neighborhoods of Washington DC/Northern VA


These are not your typical run-of-the-mill storytelling ghost tours where you’ll listen to some humdrum spooky little ghost tales…this is the Real Deal!


Who Ya Gonna Call For Washington DC/Northern Va Ghost hunting tours?

The Ghost Doctors

 New York City’s own Ghost Doctors — Dr. Pete & Dr. Stew– are now scouring the streets of Washington DC/Northern VA on a quest to unearth the paranormal underbelly of the District and surrounding metro areas. Join them as they discover ghostly orbs and apparitions, actual voices from beyond (Electronic Voice Phenomena) to the detection of EMF (electromagnetic fields) from wraiths and phantoms that pass in the night.

Ghost Doctors Ghost HuntingSo if a paranormal adventure is on ones to-do list this spring…join the Ghost Doctors on one of their Supernatural adventures and experience the paranormal side of Northern Va and DC  as the supernatural comes alive courtesy of your friendly neighborhood  paranormal investigators…the one  and only
Ghost Doctors.”

The Adventure Begins…

as you discover the fundamentals of ghost hunting including the workings of a variety of authentic ghost hunting equipment (EMF meters, infrared night vision, Geiger counters, dowsing  and a whole lot more). All the while, embarking on an amazing paranormal exploration through some of DC’s and Northern Va’s most iconic landmarks.

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Check Out Ghostly Voices Recorded by the Ghost Doctors


Dr. Pete Out On An Investigation

Ghost Doctors ghost hunting

“Ghost hunting requires a lot of background research into the history of the location that’s
being investigated,” says Dr. Pete.  And along with Dr. Stew who are licensed NYC Sightseeing guides
definitely show their ability to gather such historical data, exhibited by their
vast knowledge of the various locations they have investigated. 

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