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 As seen on network and cable television from coast to coast, Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew - aka the “Ghost Doctors” - have found something strange going on in the neighborhoods of New York City.

These are not your typical run-of-the-mill “spooky storytelling” ghost tours.
           This is the real deal! Experience true ghost hunting utilizing authentic ghost hunting equipment through some of NYC's most iconic locations.


Long time natives of NYC, the Ghost Doctors have scoured the streets of this amazing city and unearthed the supernatural underbelly of the Big Apple, from ghostly orbs and apparitions, actual voices from beyond (Electronic Voice Phenomena) to the detection of EMFs (electromagnetic fields) from wraiths and phantoms that pass in the night.

Join the Ghost Doctors on one of their Supernatural Ghost Hunting Tours and experience the real New York -The Supernatural New York - with those noted paranormal investigators and NYC licensed tour guides, the one and only
"Ghost Doctors."


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Join the Ghost Doctors on their latest ghost hunting tours of New York

We also never let our ghost hunting tours become overrun with participants (unlike most tours). We keep our ghost hunting groups at a very comfortable size and you'll be led by Dr. Pete & Dr. Stew New York's own Ghost Doctors.


Special -- Met Hunts!
Ghost Hunting Tours in The Metropolitan Museum of Art -- Indoors! (Next Hunt Saturday 3/7/15)


Ghost Hunting Tours in Grand Central Terminal -- Indoors!  (Next Hunt Saturday 3/14/15) 


New- Ghost Hunting in AMNH!
Ghost Hunting Tours in The American Museum of Natural History -- Indoors!

   Ghosts Hunting Tours of Central Park (Next Ghost Hunt Saturday 4/11/15)


Ghost Hunting Tours in Flushing Meadows Park 

(NEW) -- UFO Pheneomena Tour in NYC's Hayden Planeterium/Rose Center
For Earth and Space and The American Museum of Natural History -- Indoors!


Ghost Hunting Tours in SoHo NYC



                 Dr. Pete Out On an Investigation

Ghost hunting requires a lot of background research into the history of the location that's
being investigated, says Dr. Pete.  And the Ghost Doctors who are licensed NYC tour guides
definitely show their ability to gather such historical data, exhibited by their
vast knowledge of the various locations they have investigated.